This Week With Larry Miller Mentioned Me by Name

I wrote the following and published it in the Atascadero News in June.

I clipped the article and mailed it, along with a full paper, to the This Week with Larry Miller Podcast. Weeks went by.

Then, short time ago, This Week With Larry Miller, the weekly podcast, posted a scan of the article on its Facebook page.

And yesterday, on the newest edition of the show, I got mentioned by name on the show. In his intro, Larry Miller called it “the Creig P. Sherburne orchestra with the unnamed pretty girl dancers and boy tenor James Bolduc asking the musical question ‘why didn’t you name the pretty girls?! ‘”

And here’s the photo of Larry on the podcast’s blog:

He’s holding my article! That’s absolutely delightful.

Now, Larry did call me out on not mentioning the pretty girls by name. There’s a very good reason for that. As a reporter, I’m not allowed to report on myself or my family. One of the pretty girls is my wife. If I’d mentioned her, it’d have given it away that I was writing about myself. And if I’d mentioned the other girl, my wife’s cousin, it’d have looked weird not to mention my wife as well.

The short version of all that is not mentioning the pretty girls by name allowed me to print it at all.

To listen to the podcast yourself — and you should — click here. (Thanks to Jim for the head’s up.)