Field Notes Books at Half Dome

23rd of July, 2011 ·  2 Comments

From left, BFF Blaine Errea, brother Chris Sherburne, Field Notes Enthusiast and yours truly Creig P. Sherburne, Matt Larson, James and Craig (other Craig) Culp. Photo by Rebecca Sherburne, Chris’s wife who also had a notebook, but accidentally left it in the car at the trail head.

We all hiked Half Dome in Yosemite National Park last month, and to document the experience, Field Notes Brand provided a bunch of books to us. At first, every last person in the group rolled their eyes at me — I tend to get really enthusiastic about products and have forced down peoples throats recommended in the past such fine products as iPods, iPhones, iMacs, Maglights, Container Store boxes, Smartwool, Netflix, Gmail, and Dixon Ticonderoga pencils, among other things.

It is intended as a compliment that I lump Field Notes books in with such high-quality products. It is also intended as a compliment that I recommend said products to my friends — I don’t care if folks I don’t care about use inferior crap. I want me and mine using the best.

But after the eye-rolling, people got on board. James and Craig in particular seemed to find a lot of value in a pocket-sized notebook on the hike, and I suspect they’ll continue to use them. The rest of them? They obviously don’t have thoughts interesting enough to write down.

Anyway, the Half Dome trip was great, and I filled about 2/3 of my neon green book with notes from the car, on the trail, and at the campsite. We all hiked 9 miles there and 9 miles back, plus we ended just under a mile higher than the point we started from, and so did our books.

Thanks to Field Notes Brand not only for having a notebook I want my friends using, but for providing a dozen of them for us. It’s no secret I love these books, so it was a big treat for me, giving them away.

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