Horrible Christians Would Have You Think Jesus Were a Raging, Sandy Butthole

11th of January, 2011 ·  Comments

I took this screen shot this morning. I circled the headline that says it all.

[Link to headline’s article.]

I know lots of religious folks. My question to you is, “why don’t real churchgoers loudly and publicly shout this crap down? Don’t you have a vested interest in not letting these asshats represent you and your deeply held faith?”

Look, there’s a difference between distancing yourself from this, and calling them out as being hateful. Jesus, Prince of Peace, is being represented as a hatemongering, gun-toting, republican jerk. I guess if you’re trying to get other hateful, gun-packing republicans on your side, then this is indeed the way to be a fisher of men, but I feel like the real, true, good Christians I know aren’t doing enough to build up the reputation these weenies are tearing down.

More and more, when I think of Christianity, this is what I think of. I think of greedy republican warmongers. And to be fair, Christianity’s got a long and illustrious history of greed and warmongering. There’s the Crusades; indulgences (very similar to modern day pollution credit trading, proving the republican thing is only new in name); the recent spat of abuse in the Catholic Church; the fact that the more often one goes to church, the more likely one is to support torture; the war on gays; and the list goes on. We can find atrocity after atrocity all done in the name of God. And we can find even more petty little stupidnesses simply by opening our eyes and walking downtown.

Hell, there’s even a Wikipedia article titled Christianity and violence: “The relationship of Christianity and violence is the subject of controversy because one view is that Christianity advocates peace, love and compassion while it is also viewed as a violent religion.”

When a church pickets the funeral of a 9-year-old girl for having the bad fortune of being at the wrong place at the wrong time and getting killed, where’s the outrage? Where are the good Christians? Where’s the huge, outraged, vocal outcry? Where’s the conspicuous offsetting of evil by doing good?

You, the Christians I know and love, the Christians I’ve had in my home and have hugged, the Christians with your hearts in the right place: I accuse each of you individually of doing nothing, thereby allowing evil like this is able to continue in your name.

I know you’re not picketing funerals, and maybe you even voted to let gays get married. But you’re not the loudest. You’re not demanding the baddies stop calling themselves Christians, the title you self-assign with pride. You’re not telling the hate-filled churches they’re wrong.

Fear is as rampant now as it ever was. I implore you, I beg you: make the world better. Build somebody up. Make somebody better. Don’t leave evil alone.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” —Edmund Burke

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