A Change in How I Handle Video

9th of November, 2010 ·  Comments

I’ve decided to change the way I post videos on this site.

I’ve never particularly liked Flash. And between the iPad gaining prevalence, the new MacBook Air giving me tech lust, Apple not installing Flash by default on new computers, and how Flash effects battery life on laptops, I’m lessening this site’s use of Flash.

This is mostly (exclusively?) through videos I post. YouTube has an option that allows me to post videos in such a way that the site itself detects if you’ve got Flash or not, and shows you the appropriate version of the video.

However, according to YouTube:

Our support for HTML5 is an early experiment, and there are some limitations. HTML5 on YouTube doesn’t support videos with ads, captions, or annotations and it requires a browser that supports both the video tag and h.264 encoded video (currently that means Chrome, Safari, and ChromeFrame on Internet Explorer).

What this means to you is if you’re on an iPad or have uninstalled Flash and one of the videos I’m posting has ads or captions, you’ll either have to open the video in the YouTube app or Google Chrome.1

I’ve updated most of the YouTube videos on the front page. I hope this is future-proofing the site a little bit, and makes it easier for my audience to enjoy the dumb stuff I want them to enjoy.

  1. Who am I kidding? You have Flash installed. I’m basically writing this entire post to Christopher, my only audience on an iPad.

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