Custom Moleskine Notebooks, Easy!

7th of August, 2010 ·  1 Comment

It’s no secret I love Moleskine notebooks. Earlier this week, I got a three-pack of the large (5 x 8¼ inches) Cahier books. The one tiny problem I have with them is this: when sitting on a desk, the front and back covers are nearly indistinguishable. So it’s easy to pick one up and start leafing through it upside-down and backwards. The fix is simple: put something on the front (or back, I suppose) to make it look different.

My template, plus finished product

In this case, I printed my name in Futura Bold, cut the letters out with an x-acto knife, wrapped the paper around the book, and spray-painted it purple. I’m not a huge fan of purple, but that’s the color I had from a previous project. And now my book has a definite front and back. I’m happy with it. Maybe next time, I’ll do Black Flag bars.

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